• As a child, your main rights are to grow and develop as a child. You shouldn’t have to work
  • The UNCRC focusses on keeping you safe from exploitation by adults, rather than giving you rights if you want to work
  • If you want to work, there are laws in Wales to make sure you are protected
In Wales, your rights as you grow up are all about being safe, living with your family and getting an education. If you want to work, there are rules that mean that even if you are working, you can still get your education, and get the rest and play you need to grow up healthily. If you aren’t being allowed to go to school or to play, and are being made to work for someone instead, this is wrong.

My Rights
I don't feel safe at work
I want to leave school to work
I'm an apprentice
I want a part time job
Work experience and unpaid internships
Welsh at work
Paying tax
I'm being forced to work