How does the law affect you..?

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Did you know?

Your rights don’t mean that nothing bad will ever happen to you – but they mean that you should always be treated properly. The Children’s Legal Centre for Wales wants to make sure that every child in Wales knows what his or her rights are and that there are laws in place to protect their rights. If you think you don’t have rights, think again. Wales was the first country in the UK to agree that children’s rights should be at the heart of everything – and ALL children in Wales have these rights.

How the Law Affects Me

You Have Rights

    • If you're in trouble with the police
    • If you've come from another country to live in Wales
    • Whether you are first language Welsh, or first language English
    • If you're sick and need to spend lots of time in hospital
    • If something goes wrong at home
    • If you don't live with your parents
    • If you're confused about something that's happened to you
    • Even if nothing is wrong and you're happy with your life

If you understand your rights and know what the law is, you have choices! You can challenge things that you are unhappy with or that you know are wrong. Sometimes, you may not want to do anything – and this is fine if that’s what you want. But you can’t make that decision unless you know what your rights are and what the law is.