How the Law Affects Me

  • The law affects everything you do
  • The law is the way your rights turn into something you can rely on, whatever the situation
  • You always have rights, and the law is always there to protect you

Your Rights and the Law

You have rights as a ‘child’, and rights as a human, and there are laws that affect every part of your life that should make sure you have these rights every day, when you’re at home, at school, out with your friends.

Your children’s rights are rights which are special to all children and young people under the age of 18. You can find them in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Welsh Government has agreed to incorporate your children’s rights into every law and decision that affects children and young people in Wales. This means that laws made by the Welsh Government will respect your children’s rights – and protect you.

Some laws that apply in Wales are still made by the UK Parliament in London. Where the Welsh Government puts those laws into practice, in policies and guidance, it will have your children’s rights in mind.

The law affects everything you do – whether you know it or not. There are laws about how you have to be looked after at home and who is responsible for you until you’re 18. There are laws to protect you at school and if you work. There are laws that say how you should be treated – whatever the situation.

Even if you have done something that’s wrong – may be you broke a rule at school, or, more seriously, broke a law yourself, you still have rights, and there are laws in place to make sure that you are treated properly

How the Law affects me

This part of the website has information about how the law affects you in different areas of your life. The information should help you understand your situation, and make you confident that you have choices about how to act and what to do if you think you are being treated unfairly. 

If we haven’t answered your question, please get in touch – it’s probably a question we haven’t thought of and might be important for other people too, so we can add it to the website.

How does the law affect you?

At Home

In Trouble

At School (or not)


At Work



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