At School (or not)

  • All children in Wales have the right to an education
  • You should be at school, or educated some other way, between the ages of 5-16
  • While you’re at school, you will need to follow the school rules – but you have rights too
You have the right to be educated. Your parents, or the people with parental responsibility for you, need to make decisions about how you will be educated. In Wales, this means choosing whether you want to be taught in Welsh or in English or a mixture of both. Parents may also choose to send you to a ‘faith’ school – a school with a particular religious character. School is where most children go for their education, but it might not be the best place for you to learn. If you need special facilities to help and support you as you learn, you might go somewhere with those facilities. Your parents can also decide to educate you at home. As you get older, you will want to have more say in your education. You may want to go to a different school to the one your parents have chosen, or you might want to start going to school if you’ve been taught at home for a time. In school too, there are things that will happen that you may want to challenge.

My Rights
Going to school
I'm not at school
School isn't meeting my needs
I want to be involved in how school is run
Welsh or English at school
I'm being treated unfairly at school
In trouble at school
School uniform
Beyond "school"