Shops & Services

  • The UNCRC doesn’t specifically mention shops and services, but your general rights should protect you if you are treated unfairly
  • You are also protected as a ‘consumer’ – someone using services or buying good – by UK laws
  • You may find that you are not allowed to do something or buy some things. These restrictions may also be included in laws designed to protect you and the public
You’ll be using services and going into shops from a very young age. Services include things like going swimming and to the cinema as well as things like health services, or the library. At first you will be with your parents or the people who look after you and care for you. As you get older, you will start to use services and go to the shops to buy things in your own right. If you are treated differently and unfairly for some reason, your rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child may help you. You should be able to buy good and use services the same as everyone else, without being discriminated against. If there’s no discrimination, but what you have paid for isn’t what you wanted, or is broken, you also have rights – as a ‘consumer’ – to return what you have bought and to get your money back. If you paid for a service and it isn’t as good as it should have been, you may also be able to get your money back.

My Rights
I'm not allowed to buy something
I've been treated unfairly
I'm not allowed to do something
I didn't get what I wanted