Stopped, Arrested, Interviewed, Charged

In November 2019, a report by the BBC said that 9,000 children and young people in Wales were stopped and searched by the police. The youngest was 7. There are arguments for and against the police having the power to stop you in the street, either to ask you what you are doing and let you go on your way, or to stop you and search you for drugs or weapons. What is important is that you know what the law says about stop and search, and what can happen to you, including if you are taken to a police station or arrested.

We have put together a factsheet which looks at the police powers of ‘stop and search’ and ‘stop and account’. The factsheet also looks at what happens if you are arrested, and how you should be treated in the police station. The factsheet is available in English and in Welsh.


image of policemen

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