Sex and consent

  • You have the right to privacy – but you also have the right to be protected from sexual abuse and exploitation
  • The law in Wales (as in England) is designed to protect you from harm that can come from having sex when you’re not in an appropriate relationship or if you’re not old enough
  • If you know what the law is, you can protect yourself, and make sure you don’t get into trouble

You may want to have sex but it’s worth knowing what the law says and how it’s designed to protect you. The UNCRC protects children from sexual abuse and exploitation. The laws in Wales are clear about how old you should be before you have sex, and that you should only have sex if both people having sex (you and your partner) agree. If you are having sex when you are too young you are breaking the law. If the police are made aware of this, they will have to decide whether to take action against you or your partner. Even if you are having consensual sex before you are 16, you should be able to protect yourself from getting pregnant or getting sick from having sex.





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