On the street because I can’t go home

  • In Wales, the human rights of children are recognised and government must have ‘due regard’ to the requirements of the UNCRC
  • You have a right to be cared for and to an adequate standard of living
  • If you’re out on the street because you can’t go home and you’re under 18, you should be able to get help and support

If you’re under 18, the UNCRC applies to you.   Normally, parents look after children and provide them with a safe place to live. Sometimes, this doesn’t happen, so the local authority where you live should look after you instead. This might be foster care or in a children’s home. Sometimes, though, even this doesn’t work out. If you feel that you can’t live with your parents or stay in the arrangements that the Local authority made for you for some reason – either you can’t get on with the people you’re supposed to live with or you’re being hurt or abused. If you feel you have nowhere to go and end up on the street, you still have your rights, and the local authority and other organisations should help make sure you are safe and have somewhere appropriate to live.