My Rights

  • You have rights to make sure you can grow and develop healthily, and a right to good healthcare
  • Doctors and other medical staff must always act in your best interests
  • You shouldn’t be treated unfairly for any reason as far as medical care is concerned

It doesn’t matter why you need medical care, whatever the reason, you have rights that protect you. Your rights protect your privacy, give you a voice in decision making about treatment you receive, and make sure you have enough information to make the right decisions. Your rights also make sure that even if you are unwell for any length of time, your other rights, such as your right to education, are protected.

The UNCRC specifically gives you a right to good quality healthcare. It includes your physical and your mental health.

Any decision that is made about the medical treatment you receive should be in your best interests. You shouldn’t be treated differently – and unfairly – for any reason. When important – and sometimes difficult – decisions have to be made, your opinion should be taken into account. You may be able to make the important decisions about which treatment to have – or whether to have treatment at all. You should have enough information so that you can make any of these decisions knowing all the facts.

You’ve also got a right to be protected from violence or abuse by anyone who looks after you. This could be important particularly if you have to stay in hospital or some other place where you receive care.

Your right to education doesn’t stop just because you are ill. Sometimes you might not feel well enough to learn, but when you do feel well enough, you should be able to continue your education, even if you can’t go to school.

In this part of the website we look at some of the questions you might have about going to the doctor, and medical care:



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